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January 20, 2018 – BYNA National Shabbat in North Georgia

1:00pm @ 20 Jan 2018

7:00pm @ 20 Jan 2018

$ Love offering

Georgia,National Shabbat,North America

132 North Medical Parkway, Woodstock, GA 30189, United States

Join us in worship as we will recite Scriptural verses about Yerushalayim and enjoy the worship of Will Spires of B’midbar Ministries.  We will dance, we will sing, we’ll bring joy to the King!

From B’midbar Ministries:

Our passion and purpose are to serve and to magnify our Messiah, yielding to Him, participating and allowing Him to do that daily transformational work in our hearts by engraving His Torah upon our hearts. The Psalmist says “My lips will shout for joy, when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have redeemed. (Ps. 71:23) In the days of Temple service, the priests offered prayers and sacrifices unto YHWH. In the standing prayer, also known as The Amidah we open with the words “My LORD, open my lips that my mouth may declare your praise.” As followers of YHWH, we want our words to be meaningful and cause  His Kingdom to come down upon the earth as Yeshua taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Tzefanyah & Reyyna Pappas

Phone: 417-247-6868 or 417-247-6691 (Reyyna)